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The Geelong Cricket Association (GCA) first adopted its Player Points System in season 2014/15 as a competition equalisation measure. The original system was adopted from various other competitions, with attempts made over the years to tailor it more specifically to the GCA. Unfortunately, there have still been anomalies within the system, which has made it difficult to understand, and at times has caused confusion about the appropriate points ratings for particular players.


During the off season, the GCA Board has undertaken the task of completely overhauling the points system, in a bid to make it specifically relevant to our competition, and much easier to understand. Many of the old Melbourne competitions that were at times difficult to rank have been removed and replaced with a simple grading process that filters down from first class cricket to grass roots cricket as outlined in the following diagram.




Apart from the changes to the points table itself, there has also been some tidying up of the rules accompanying the system, which clubs should take time to digest. Of particular importance are the changes to player points Rule 13. The GCA will not be responsible for any errors that clubs make when submitting their points. If clubs are unsure about a player, please contact the GCA Pennant Chair in the first instance for assistance.  The GCA Board will acknowledge receipt of each club’s points table and discuss any accuracy issues with the relevant club. Every club’s points table will be placed on the GCA website prior to round 1 for all other clubs to see. Clubs are totally (100%) responsible and liable for any errors in their points table and for exceeding the aggregate points cap for their relevant division. Should any errors occur that result in a club being found to have played above their points limit, appropriate action will be taken by the GCA Board under player points Rules 13 and 20. 


Clubs need to be aware that due to the changes in the points table, some players may have a different points rating to last year, over and above any applicable loyalty reduction. While no player is expected to have a higher points rating than before, please discuss this with the GCA Pennant Chair if this happens, as the intention is for players to stay at the previous lower level to keep it fair on clubs.


Alternatively, there will be players that have a lower point rating under the new system. Clubs need to regrade all players on their list using the new points table from the first time they played at the club. In doing so, clubs must provide detailed information for every player.


Other changes of note include:


  • A change to loyalty points discount in Table B. Previously a player was only eligible for a total of 5 loyalty points discounts. Players are now able to obtain loyalty discounts down to 2 points. For example, if a player came to their club as a 10 point player, the lowest they could ever go down to previously was a 5. Now they can continue accruing loyalty discounts down to 2 points.
  • Table B also used to refer to ‘continuous’ years of service. To avoid any further confusion this has now been amended to prior years of service.


To improve transparency, a list of each club’s professional players over the past two seasons will be included. This information is relevant to clubs that have added a player to their list but may not be aware of their professional player status at another GCA club in the past two seasons.


All clubs must have their initial points tables submitted to the GCA by 10th September 2019. Player points tables can be subsequently refined, and any new players can be added to your table after that date. The new table can then be submitted to us for uploading to the website.


Clubs are reminded that the player points system only applies to 1st X1 teams in the Division 1, 2 and 3 turf competitions.


The applicable aggregate points caps for each division are unchanged for the 2019/20 season and are as follows:


Division 1: 40-points limit


Division 2: 42-point limit


Division 3: 45-point limit



Player Points Regulations


Player Points Calculation Spreadsheet


Div 1 Player Points at 10/01/2020


Div 2 Player Points at 31/10/2019


Div 3 Player Points at 04/02/2020