President's Newsletter No 2
Date of Event Geelong Cricket Association: Mon Sep 9, 2019 9:47PM

GCA President’s News

September 2019

This is the second newsletter from President, Rob Vines about GCA activities.

The new GCA Board has had a strong operational focus since the July AGM to ensure that the 2019/20 cricket season commences smoothly.

The Board meeting on 5th September addressed a number of important operational matters and discussed a proposed strategic planning process to be commenced over the coming months with the participation of clubs.

  1. 2019/20 Season Launch

    The 2019/20 GCA Season Launch will be held at the Bell Park Sport & Recreation Club on Wednesday, 2nd October 2019. Invitations will be circulated in the near future and we appreciate the attendance of all clubs and key stakeholders at this event.

  2. Strategic Planning Program

    The Board is framing a strategic planning program for the first half of the 2019/20 season to workshop critical GCA planning challenges, goals, priorities and initiatives with club leaders.

    More information will be provided soon about joint Board/Club workshops that are being planned for mid-October and late November/early December.

  3. Cricket Operations Manager (COM)

    The new GCA Cricket Operations Manager (COM) David Barnes will commence duties on his return from overseas in mid-September.

    David is making a welcome return to GCA management and will provide a valuable resource for the Board and clubs.

  4. Vacant Board Positions

    Ordinary Board Member vacancies for Pennant Chair (Doug Cruickshank), and Division 1 Delegate (Sam Hall) have been filled.

    The Ordinary Board Member position for Grounds Chair remains vacant, and the search continues for a suitable candidate.

    We have an experienced grounds sub-committee which is capable of self-managing for the time being with the assistance of the GCA Cricket Operations Manager. More information will be provided to clubs prior to the season start about the communication protocols for grounds issues in the absence of the Grounds Chair.

  5. 2019/20 Fixtures

    The 2019/20 ‘2-day’ competition fixtures were released to clubs in August and will be uploaded to My Cricket in time for the season commencement on 5th October.

    The T20 Competition fixtures are currently being finalised and will be released shortly.

    Clubs will be asked to nominate teams for the ‘1- day’ competition in the near future so this fixture is ready for the mid October season start.

  6. 2019/20 Scorebooks and GCA Handbook

    The 2019/20 GCA Handbook and Scorebooks are under preparation and will be available for collection by clubs in late September.

    Collection arrangements will be communicated by the COM.

  7. 2019/20 GCA Committees

    In accordance with GCA By Laws the Board has appointed the following Committees for 2019/20:

    • Investigation Committee (to enquire and determine all disputes, differences and complaints arising between or concerning clubs) - Jim Timberlake (Chair), Doug Cruickshank, and Divisional Delegates Sam Hall, Greg Gray, Martyn Bona & Brendan Wild.
    • Pennant Committee (to control the program of matches) – Doug Cruickshank (Chair), and Divisional Delegates Sam Hall, Greg Gray, Martyn Bona & Brendan Wild.
    • Grounds Committee (to manage the suitability of grounds & facilities) – Chair (TBD), Tony Spence, Darren Hauenstein, Kent McGlinchy, Peter (‘Skinny’) Harrison, David Quick, Paul Darragh & Shane Stursaker.
    • Independent Tribunal (to enquire & determine all cases including penalties of players reported by umpires) – Colin Helwig (Chair), other members to be confirmed and announced.
  8. ICC & Cricket Australia Helmet Policy

    Cricket Australia is strongly recommending that cricket associations take all practical steps to adopt the ICC directive to mandate the wearing of ‘British Standard’ helmets for batting, close to the wicket fielding and wicket keeping up to the stumps.

    This has only recently been brought to the Board’s attention by Cricket Victoria which the expectation that the GCA would take steps towards implementation in 2019/20, while recognising that we are too close to the season commencement to introduce mandatory regulation.

    Further resource information about the ICC directive and policy is being provided to clubs and it will be a discussion item at the GCA General Meeting on 17th September.

    The Board strongly encourages clubs to apply the helmet directive for the coming season and will outline a consultation process to consider appropriate regulation for introduction in the 2020/21 season.

  9. Amended Player Points System

    An information pack about the amended GCA Player Points System was circulated to clubs in August.

    Clubs have until Tuesday 10th September to submit their player points spreadsheets for 2019/20 to the GCA.

    While the Board will provide guidance in relation to the amended system, the responsibility for the accuracy of player points rests entirely with clubs.

    The Board will collate and publish all club submitted spreadsheets prior to the commencement of the season.

    Clubs will have the opportunity to refine points spreadsheets as necessary up to and following the season commencement.

    Please contact GCA Vice President, Jim Timberlake or Pennant Chair, Doug Cruickshank for guidance about the amended points system.

  10. Barwon Women’s Cricket Competition

    Planning for the inaugural Barwon Womens Cricket Competition in 2019/20 is progressing well and there is strong interest from clubs.

    This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of women’s cricket, and I encourage clubs to be a part of this initiative.Contact GCA Board member Lisa Armstrong- Rowe ( for more information.

  11. 2020 National Cricket Inclusion Championships

    The 2020 National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC) will once again be held in Geelong from the 13th to 17th January 2020.

    Cricket Australia has held preliminary discussions with the GCA and a joint working group will coordinate the detailed event planning.

    A number of GCA clubs have generously provided venues and resources for previous championships, and clubs will again be contacted to assist.

  12. Recruiting Umpires
  13. Umpires are an essential element of the GCA competition and more are needed for the coming season. I encourage anyone from your club that’s interested in becoming an umpire to contact Geelong Cricket Association (GCUA) Secretary, Brian Jones on 0409 432 044 or

    The GCUA will provide support and assist with the training required to become an umpire.

    Yours in cricket



    Rob Vines President

    Geelong Cricket Association M: 0407 332 321


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