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Date of Event Geelong Cricket Association: Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:25PM

This is the first of a regular newsletter from President, Rob Vines about GCA activities.


It’s been a hectic first week for the new GCA Board, particularly for new Board members who are all on a steep learning curve.

The Board held an informal planning session this week to map out our short and medium term priorities.  This has been helpful in planning for the start of the season and determining priority decisions required at upcoming Board meetings in August and September.


Club Contact Lists

GCA Secretary Peter Edwards is in the process of updating club contact lists for the coming season, so if you no longer wish to receive GCA emails (including this one), can you please pass the information onto the relevant people at your club. We will have a fully updated list as soon as all clubs have completed and returned the club contacts form recently circulated by Peter.



Vacant Board Positions


The Board needs to fill the following vacant Ordinary Board Member positions following the AGM – Pennant Chair, Grounds Chair, Division 1 and 3 Delegates.

Martin Bona (Bannockburn CC) has offered to become the Division 3 delegate. I expect this to be approved at the August Board meeting, and I thank Martin for his interest in joining the Board.

Options are being canvassed for the other three vacant positions and I would be pleased to receive any nominations from interested people.


Cricket Operations Manager (COM)


I regret to advise that Garry Goodman has decided not to continue in the role of GCA Cricket Operations Manager, effective from 25 July 2019. Garry has been an extremely dedicated and diligent member of the Board in the roles of COM and Board Secretary, and we thank him for his committed service. Options are being considered to temporarily back fill the role in the interim, while a process to review and fill the role permanently is determined. I would ask that clubs direct all operational enquiries in the meantime to GCA Secretary, Peter Edwards until further notice.


2019/20 Playing Formats and Fixtures


The new Board has inherited the process started by the outgoing Board regarding playing format options and possible changes for the 2019/20 season. The Board is currently considering feedback received from clubs and the key issues that require consideration.

The Board will discuss options and decide on any playing format changes for 2019/20 in conjunction with the consideration of the proposed 2-day competition and T20 fixtures at the meeting on 7 August 2019. Fixtures will be circulated to the clubs following this meeting. The 1-day competition fixtures will be announced in late September/early October to give clubs sufficient time to advise their proposed 1-day teams. More information will be provided on timelines for clubs to submit their 1-day teams in due course.


Proposed GCA Regulation Changes


Proposed changes to the GCA Playing Regulations have been received from some clubs and the Geelong Cricket Umpires Association (GCUA). These proposals have been assessed and recommendations prepared for consideration and decision by the Board at the 7 August meeting, after which the outcomes will be communicated to clubs and the GCUA.


 G21 Cricket Strategy


The G21 Cricket strategy is in the final phase of endorsement by the five participating municipalities that make up the Barwon Cricket region, and this is expected to be completed by the end of August. Cricket Victoria (CV) is currently in conversation with the three Cricket Associations (GCA, BCA, C&DCA) about the structure of a Steering Committee and Working Group to work on the development of ‘an aligned and collaborative structure to manage cricket’ in the region, which is the highest implementation priority identified by the strategy. The time frame for this process is unclear at this stage but is likely to be at least 12 months. The Board will be formulating it’s thinking on the question of the optimal regional governance model in preparation for this process


Player Points System


In consultation with clubs, the outgoing Board has undertaken valuable work to develop and approve an improved player points system for implementation in 2019/20.  This will be re-circulated to clubs in the near future with clear explanation about the basis and principles of the new system, the deadline for clubs to submit their player points table for the coming season and the responsibilities of the GCA and clubs in administering the system. Please contact GCA Vice President, Jim Timberlake for any clarity about the new points system.


 Barwon Women’s Cricket Competition

 An email has recently been circulated regarding an upcoming information evening for clubs to learn about plans to establish a Barwon Women’s Cricket Competition in 2019/20.


 The evening hosted by Cricket Victoria will be held at Sports House, GMHBA Stadium on Wednesday, 14th August from 7-8pm.


 This is a great opportunity for clubs to shape the inaugural season, to learn more about the competition and have their questions answered. Please attend if your club is in a position to field a team or has a small number of interested women players


 It would be great to see clubs support this important initiative to complement the established junior girls competition.


 Recruiting Umpires


Umpires are an essential element of the GCA competition and more are needed for the coming season.  I encourage anyone from your club that’s interested in becoming an umpire to contact Geelong Cricket Association (GCUA) Secretary, Brian Jones on 0409 432 044 or


The GCUA will provide support and assist with the training required to become an umpire.


Yours in cricket


Rob Vines


Geelong Cricket Association

0407 332 321



Last updated: Sunday July 28, 2019 9:25PM
Author: Peter Edwards