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15th DECEMBER 2017

Murgheboluc welcomed back prolific run-maker Andrew Murden for his first game of the season, his two seasons to date yielding 890 runs @ 35.6 but he failed last week against South Barwon, opening the batting with a 15 run return yet Murge won its first game of the season thanks to Derbyshire’s Thomas Milnes with his maiden century of precisely 100 not out after his previous 5 innings totalled just 81 runs @ 16.2. In reply, South Barwon capitulated for a well below par of 114, being its lowest score since round 2 last season of 116 against Geelong City.


East Belmont skipper Sean O’Neill achieved “bookends” with his 103 in round 5 supported by 97’s in rounds 4 & 6, the outstanding opening batsman also with a 92 three seasons ago. The win over Newtown & Chilwell largely due to star batsman Mathew Lineker with his best all-round performance in a match with 52no & 4/32.


St.Josephs super-star Leigh Kentish, forever praised for his meritorious deeds with the bat, will not sleep well the next time he plays Lara. His blob on Saturday against Lara was his first duck since round 2 last season, again against Lara. St.Josephs is the only team winless to date. The last occasion it was also last on the ladder as at round 6 was in season 1995-96 where it went on to win one game for the season. When it won its two recent flags in 2013-14 and 2014-15, it had lost two and three games respectively as at round 6 but it would take a “Lazareth” effort to even make the finals this season.


The Grovedale trio of Young (4/57), Fisher (3/19 and Yelland (3/13) completely destroyed Leopold for a poultry 91 to register Leopold’s lowest score since it was blitzed for 71 in 2011-12, also against Grovedale, a curious stat being Alan Randall taking 7/12 for Leopold in that match against Grovedale’s 130. Normally when a bowler takes phenomenal figures of 7/12, that team usually wins! However its captain Tim Marshall who heads both the most runs and wickets of current Leopold players of 2,209 runs and 190 wickets but having a lean season with 81 runs and a solitary wicket returned to form last week with 39 & 3/34.


This column was fortunate to attend the historic Test under lights last week. Whilst reading the Adelaide Advertiser I glanced upon a divorce hearing in the Adelaide courts. The assets were split but who was to take custody of the 10 year old David? Justice Brown took the unusual step of asking David who he would like to live with. “Do you wish to live with your father? “said Justice Brown. “No “was his answer, “because he beats me”. “So you would rather live with your mother David”. “No she also beats me” was again his answer. The Judge, somewhat perplexed then said, “So who do you want to live with?”   David responded “with the England team”. “Why enquired Judge Brown?” Because the England team don’t beat anyone” said David!




Brian Dawson, in his first match of the season hit a to-be season highest 47 and with skipper Neil Chapman (51) posted 137 for North Shore-Norlane against powerful Geelong City (Garry Hovey 4/40). Ian Treloar was the bogyman for St.Josephs with 3/13, the students removed for 130 by GWC&FC (Russell Zampatti 27). Chanel College put together it’s to-be lowest score for the season of 92, captain Rod Groves the only bat to pass 15 with a defiant 28, Corio’s Laurie Winch returning 5/34. Leopold, undefeated all season was in danger of its first loss by posting a mediocre 115 against South Barwon, Neil Walton contributing a classy 33 (Jim Roberts 3/26).


Aaron Croft and David Currie with 61 and 51 respectively dominated Leopold’s par 177 against North Geelong with Steve Duhau taking a to-be season’s best 5/56. Graeme Beaumont continued his consistent season with 35, being his sixth 30 plus per innings in his seven innings, Michael Brown lean with 5/37 from 28 overs. Adrian McCormack (49) and Michael Dunn (42) were the backbone of East-Belmont’s 211,Gary Finnemore taking 3/73 for West. David Crosby was almost unplayable with 3/24 from 21 overs for Grovedale against Newtown, dismissed for 157 (Chris Campbell 4/33).


Rod Kiddle led his side onto the field against Lara and became the 32nd Cricketer to play 200 GCA 1st X1 games. However the master batsman will always have mixed feelings regarding his emotional match as he tore a hamstring and was forced to retire on 17. However his side, Leopold constructed a healthy 6/293, Geelong Grammar cricket coach Scott Lindsay recording an attractive 78. South Barwon duo David Boyd (93) and speedster Brett Anderton (63no) clouted career best figures in a 9th wicket partnership of 132 to break the 23 year record of 113 previously held by Leopold’s Stephen Boyle and Brian McFadyen. South Barwon finished with 205 for Geelong City to chase next Saturday, Travis Agg bowling brilliantly with 5/24 off 19 overs.

Newtown & Chilwell President Scott Mullen was chiefly responsible in removing Bell Post Hill for 146, his 5/40 a career best. Geelong West first-gamer Timothy Wight shone with 4/39 against St.Josephs, Andrew Hodgson in his second game a promising 55 alongside veteran Ian Courtney (64).

Alf Clark was again the difference between the two sides with an unbeaten 107 against Manifold Heights for North Geelong (5/280), Adrian McCormack taking 3/19.


Returning to yesteryear – Just three teams played in the GCA in season 1910-11, Clarendon, Kardinia and Geelong. With a bye existing each round “scratch matches” (matches with no points) were played, the void filled with teams from Geelong College, Geelong Grammar, Lara, Fyansford, Geelong West Methodists and Sons of Temperance and Rechabites. However absenteeism continued to haunt the GCA and teams batted two, three and four short. Scores were woeful, sides commonly dismissed for less than 30. Clarendon was removed for 22 & 19, its 41 the lowest match score to this day in 2017. Players left to play in the Friendly Societies CA, the Matting CA and Churches CA whilst Arthur Liddicutt who was to go on later and play first-class cricket for Victoria played for the Geelong Sunday Schools CA. In crisis the GCA Executive met mid-1910-11 season at the Prince of Wales Hotel and initiated a major change effective immediately that teams would be play under a “District Scheme” whereby players were compelled to play for the club where they lived, ie, Geelong West, East-Geelong, South Geelong & Newtown & Chilwell. “Under existing conditions the competition is lifeless”. The revamped format was unsuccessful with the GCA disbanding after season 1912-13 but resurrected in 1928-29.

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Author: Garry Goodman