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GCADivision 1 Turf 1sts7 Grovedale v St Josephs Grovedale No.1. Burdoo Reserve Wingarra Drive, Grovedale [M 465 F9] Andre ConradieRob Pow
GCADivision 1 Turf 1sts7 North Geelong v East Belmont North Geelong No.1, Osborne Park No 1 Melbourne Road, North Geelong [ ] Ted AllanWayne Robbins
GCADivision 1 Turf 1sts7 Newtown & Chilwell v Leopold Newtown No.1. Stinton Oval Queens Park Sporting Complex, Newtown [ M 451 D4] Ravi RaveeNeil Martin
GCADivision 1 Turf 1sts7 Lara v Murgheboluc Lara No.1 Mill Rd Oval-1 Mill Road [] Trevor AndersonMark Dumble
GCADivision 1 Turf 1sts7 South Barwon v Geelong City S.B. No.1 South Barwon Reserve No.2. South Barwon Reseve, [ ] Dale CarrollMarcus Boom
GCADivision 1 Turf 2nds7 Murgheboluc v Lara Murghy No.1 King Lloyd Rec. Res.-1 Windsor Road, Newtown [M 451 E8] Jason Pierpoint 
GCADivision 1 Turf 2nds7 St Josephs v Grovedale St Joseph's No.1. College Main Oval Queens Road, Newtown [ M 451 F4] Rodney GurneyJohn Mawson
GCADivision 1 Turf 2nds7 East Belmont v North Geelong E.B. No.1. Winter Reserve No 1 Kidman Avenue, Belmont, Victoria [ M 465 H2] Gary Clamp 
GCADivision 1 Turf 2nds7 Geelong City v South Barwon G.C. No.1. Richmond Crescent Oval Richmond Crescent, South Geelong [ M 452 C7] Russell Opie 
GCADivision 1 Turf 2nds7 Leopold v Newtown & Chilwell Leopold Bank Community Oval No.1 Melaluka Road [ M 468 D2] Russell Burgoyne 
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