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Batting Partnerships

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1180 Richard Oliver - Patrick Richards Geelong City Cricket Club Division 2 1sts4 1 Manifold Heights
2173 Andrew Baars - Matthew Lineker East Belmont Cricket Club Division 1 1sts3 1 Murgheboluc
3148 Khasim Pathan - Lewis Campbell Highton Cricket Club Division 2 2nds4 1 Bell Park
4166 Joel Davies - Jack Spence South Barwon Cricket Club Division 1 1sts3 1 St Josephs
5149 Brendan DeLorenzo - Tim Wishart Shelford Cricket Club One Day North (100)2 1 North Shore
6125 Jonny Kelly - Mukhtar Hussain Corio Cricket Club Division 3 2nds1 1 Alexander Thomson
784 Sean Voss - Michael Fitzgerald St Josephs Cricket Club One Day South (100)2 1 South Barwon
889 Jordan Moran - Chris Young Grovedale Cricket Club Division 1 1sts3 1 Bell Post Hill
9128 James McMahon - Cameron Ayres East Belmont Cricket Club Division 1 2nds3 1 Murgheboluc
1056 David Eaton - Ryan Mallon St Albans Breakwater Cricket Club Division 3 1sts2 1 Alexander Thomson

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