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Club Championship


Total Records: 29
South Barwon Cricket Club 297.00
North Geelong Cricket Club 295.00
Lara Cricket Club 285.00
Grovedale Cricket Club 243.00
East Belmont Cricket Club 234.00
Newtown & Chilwell Cricket Club 201.00
St Josephs Cricket Club 189.00
Murgheboluc (Geelong) Cricket Club 162.00
Leopold Cricket Club 120.00
Highton Cricket Club 99.60
Bell Post Hill Cricket Club 75.00
Bell Park Cricket Club 72.76
St Peters Cricket Club 72.54
Torquay Cricket Club 64.80
Marshall Cricket Club 63.72
Geelong City Cricket Club 60.72
Geelong West Cricket Club 57.00
Manifold Heights Cricket Club 39.78
Modewarre Cricket Club 34.92
Waurn Ponds Deakin Cricket Club 30.00
Ocean Grove Cricket Club 30.00
Surf Coast Aireys Inlet Cricket Club27.00
Irrewarra Cricket Club 24.00
Thomson Cricket Club 21.00
Newcomb & District Cricket Club 21.00
Shelford Cricket Club 15.00
Portarlington Cricket Club 6.00
Ballarat Women's Cricket Club3.00
St Albans Breakwater Cricket Club 0.00
Total Records: 29


Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
The points are then added across each team in a club to give the total for that club.

Womens T/20 South1.00
Womens T/20 North1.00
Division 1 1sts4.00
Division 1 2nds3.00
Division 1 3rds2.00
Division 1 4ths1.00
Division 2 1sts1.00
Division 2 2nds0.66
Division 2 3rds0.33
Division 3 1sts0.00
Division 3 2nds0.00
One Day North (100)0.00
One Day South (100)0.00
One Day North (50)0.00
One Day Central (50)0.00
One Day South (50)0.00
One Day Inner (50)1.00
Division 1 T20 Pool A0.00
Division 1 T20 Pool B0.00
Division 2 T20 Pool A0.00
Division 2 T20 Pool B0.00
Division 3 T20 Pool A0.00
Division 3 T20 Pool B0.00
Geelong Advertiser Cup T20 Division 1 Grand Final0.00
Geelong Advertiser Cup T20 Division 2 Grand Final0.00
Geelong Advertiser Cup T20 Division 3 Grand Final1.00